Business Launch Package

Suited for all types of Small and Medium Industries across segments. Fit for entrepreneurs and cottage Industries that want to grow into respectable brands.

Manufacturing Sector Package

Designed especially for the special needs of the manufacturing sector. Suited for all segments including footwear, spices, petroleum products, food and beverages and more.

Service Sector Package

From cinemas to taxi services, we have the right branding and marketing solutions. Create a mark and grow faster with professionally designed services from our experts.

Retail Package

Solutions best suited for Supermarkets, Large-format Retailers, Department Stores, Online Market Places, Textile Showrooms, Gold & Precious Stone, Book Stalls etc.

 Educational Package

Marketing solutions designed for Schools, Colleges, Kindergarten Schools, Tuition Centres, Training Institutes, Yoga Classes, online coaching centres etc. 

Restaurant Package

If food and/or beverages are your cup of tea, we are with you. Our art directors and copywriters have several years of experience in Five star restaurants to cafeterias.

 Medical Package

These are solutions for Medical clinics, Dental clinics, Psychology clinics, eye-care centres etc. Para-medical organizations, Ayurvedic clinics etc. also come under this package.

Salons & Parlour Package

Reach more people and create high level of mouth publicity through right social media interactions. We shall market your seasonal offers effectively and advice you how to reap more.

 Tourism & Hotel Package

Post-pandemic era is going to make a soar in tourism and hotel bookings. Get ready to reach your potential customers and create the perfect brand imagery your organization deserves.

Finance Package

Best suited for private financial organizations, co-operative banks, money lending services etc. Direct and to-the-point communication strategy will help you create trust.

Professional Package

Package for professionals like Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Motivation Speakers, Art Teachers etc. Package focuses on reputation building of the professional.

 Temple Package

Pooja booking and other solutions included. The package makes the life of a temple committee or official easy and helps improve revenue and reach.